The House


A perfect retreat to inspire and work

Casa Na Ilha Residency programs runs in a house built by an artist above the sea level. It is 800 metres from the beach and 4 km away from the island historical center and town,

Is emplaced in the middle of the rainforest on the top of a hill, surrounded with nature and a breathtaking view to the ocean, beach, palm trees and mountains.

Located north in the island, the house is walking distance from the beach and waterfalls. The absolute peace and tranquility of the place are perfect for feeding inspiration and disconnection with the world today that generally cause blockages between the artist and their work. Close to natural waterfalls, a garden full of flowers, trees, orchards, and spring water supplies, birds and ocean sounds, creates the perfect environment to relax the mind and focus on projects.


To get to town, the bus runs every 30/40 minutes and the stop is a few meters away from the house. It is also possible to reach it walking beach side as well as biking. 


Studio Facilities



The house has a main studio and several shared working spaces, indoor and outdoor, as well as gardens and deck. Artists can set the working space they feel most comfortable in any of the places and can be used at any time during the day or night.  The private rooms have space for working privately.


An indoor shared studio for artists to work and develop their projects is on the main floor. The studio is full of windows that look right into the ocean and beach. The studio has a small deck and outdoor area for artists that likes working outside as well as a small covered patio.

Also, a general shared  indoor area where artists read, work and get together, and an outdoor gallery and deck space surrounding the house as well as an open work area. 

Gardens are also used as workspace depending on artist’s projects. The house has a front main garden and others that goes  up and down the house where some artists love to work in the nature.

The studio has its own bathroom as well as places inside and outside to place your materials. 

There is a space for painters or installations, where you can work freely and with a sink to wash your brushes, rugs and materials.


Lodging and Accomodation



Rooms are all located  in one floor of the house. The rooms are very big, spacious and very comfortable and can also be used as working space.


The house has private and shared rooms, all of them with private balconies and deck and ocean view, independent access and private or shared bathroom.  Each room is equipped with a desk for work. The rooms have a small covered shared patio.




As an apartment, the big private room is facing the ocean, has private bathroom constructed embracing rock with a garden and a private deck. Has a private working space inside and independent access.






This room is big and spacious, has several windows facing the ocean and can be used as a private working space.




The shared room takes up from two to three artists at a time, also surrounded with huge windows that faces the ocean.