The House

A perfect retreat to inspire and work

Casa Na Ilha Residency programs runs in a ocean side house built by an artist, 15 km away from the island town, emplaced in the middle of the rainforest surrounded with nature.

Located south in the island, the house has direct access to the sea, a peaceful coastline where natural pools are formed. The absolute peace and tranquility of the place are perfect for feeding inspiration and disconnection with the world today that generally cause blockages between the artist and their work. Close to natural waterfalls, a garden full of flowers, trees, an organic garden, orchards, and spring water supplies, birds and ocean sounds, creates the perfect environment to relax the mind and focus on projects.

The house has private and shared rooms with private balcony ocean view and ensuite bathroom. Each room is equipped with a desk for work. A general indoor area where artists read, work and get together, an outdoor gallery surrounding the house and two other separated indoor studios as well as an open work area.

Gardens are also used as workspace depending on artist’s projects. Gardens go up and down the house where some artists love to work in the nature.

To get to town, the bus runs every 30/40 minutes and the stop is a few meters away from the house.