casa na ilha


Fees and costs are based on a 4 week residency period. In case of longer periods, please contact us at

Casa na Ilha is a non profit organization, fees and cost are estimated to run the program, the facilities and the equipment.




• 1000 R$ Brazilian Real /340 Usd (aprox) shared room and bathroom per week

• 1300 R$ Brazilian Real/ 440 Usd (aprox) private room shared bathroom per week

• 1800 R$ Brazilian Real/ 590 Usd (aprox) private room and private bathroom per week


 Including linen and full access to house facilities.






• 300 R$ Brazilian Real/ 100 Usd (aprox) per week


Meals are cooked every day in the house. Includes Breakfast (granola, milk and fruits) , lunch and dinner (Ovolactovegetarian diet, vegetables available according to season, white and brown rice, cous cous, polenta, lentils, pasta, fish, veggie burgues, salads, eggs, chickpeas, beans, gluten free if necessary)


Tea and coffee is available 24 hs


Snacks, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and personal tastes, treats and cravings are not included. You can purchase all these  in local markets and store it in a fridge for artists exclusive use in the studio. 




We offer:

      ·        Indoor and outdoor work space

·       Tutor available.

·        Lodging in private or shared rooms en suite 

·        Natural resources from jungle, beaches waterfalls and gardens can be used without endangering the eco balance of the region.

·        Wifi 

·        Equipped kitchen (refrigerator, stove, blender, pots, etc.) 

·        Meal service 

·        Orientation and accompaniment on the project development before and after residency period.

·        Interaction and connection with the community and local organizations

·        Online work/project platform.