casa na ilha


Fees and costs are based on a 4 week residency period. In case of longer periods, please contact us at

Casa na Ilha is a non profit organization, fees and cost are estimated to run the program, the facilities and the equipment.




• 1000 R$ Brazilian Real /320 Usd (aprox) 2 bed shared ensuite room per week

• 1300 R$ Brazilian Real/ 417 Usd (aprox) 1 bed private ensuite room per week

 Including linen and full access to house facilities.

 Tea and coffee is available 24 hs




• 300 R$ Brazilian Real/ 100 Usd (aprox) per week


Includes Breakfast, lunch and dinner.




We offer:

      ·        Indoor Common work space

·        Outdoor work space in a gallery that surrounds the house, 2500 sqf gardens and jungle, and of course the beach, waterfall and swimming pool area.  

·        Tutor available.

·        Lodging in private or shared rooms en suite fully furnish.

·        Natural resources from jungle, beaches waterfalls and gardens can be used without endangering the eco balance of the region.

·        Wifi is limited!

·        Equipped kitchen (refrigerator, stove, blender, pots, etc.) 

·        Cleaning and cooking services.

·        Orientation and accompaniment on the project development before and after residency period.

·        Interaction and connection with the community and local organizations

·        Online work/project platform.