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Transportation to the residence and in the island: Artists in residence arrive to Casa Na Ilha building but their own means, either car, bus, taxi or private transfer. Casa Na Ilha does not do pick ups or drop off of any kind to artists in residence. During their time in residence to move around the island, it’s not Casa Na Ilha responsibility to drive artists in residence to places, shops, restaurants, stores or any other destination. Public bus and taxis are available in the island for artists in residence to use.

Check in and Check out times:  Artists in residence should arrive the day when their session begins after 3 pm. Artist in residence have to inform their time of arrival to Casa Na Ilha. Artists in residence should leave on the day their session ends, before 10 am. Artists in residence can not arrive earlier or leave after their session dates. Artist in residence leaving before or coming after the dates of their session because any other reason that is not a cancellation of the program by Casa Na Ilha,  would not be a reason for refund, total or partial.

Payment: Artist in residence is required to make full payment 60 days before arrival. If circumstances are different, this should be stated in writing and approved by Casa Na Ilha but under no circumstances can artists in residence start the program without full payment being made prior to arrival. Deposits and final payments are not refundable. You may change the timing of your slot providing it is before you pay the pending amount 60 days prior to your session and subject to availability on following time frames. Cancellation by artists in residence or their absences are not a cause for refund, total or partial. If artist in residence decides by himself/herself to leave the program prematurely there is no refund, total or partial available. Casa Na Ilha has the right to terminate artist in residence time if he/she is not behaving or acting accordingly, the artist in residence has no right for refund, total or partial.

Force Majeure: Refunds do not apply when your course is canceled as a result of a risk of war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions and similar events beyond our control.

Misadventure: We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage you may suffer during the period of your course due to accident, illness, bodily injury or loss of equipment, of belongings or from any other case.

Studio size, access, and condition: The studio space is a shared space for work. No sleeping in studio is allowed. Materials have to be properly stored. No resident is allowed to forbid another from working or accessing the studio. Casa Na Ilha has the right of access to the artist in residence room and studio space at any time with reasonable notice. The room and the studio space must be left in the same conditions it was when assigned upon arrival. Permanent changes and alterations such as painting surfaces or putting large holes in the walls are not permitted. In case this happens or any damage to Casa Na Ilha property, the cost will be charged for replacing or restoring.

Housing: The artist in residence will be provided a room as agreed. It must be left in the same condition as it was assigned upon arrival. It has to be kept clean, with no food or trash kept in the bedroom. If you are not in the room, lights and ventilators should be off. Artists in residence will be provided with towels and bed sheets that will be changed once each week. You can not take towels to the beach or coast. You can not use the bed sheets or towels other than for their intended purpose. If they are damaged, lost or used as material, cleaning rugs or anything that is not the intended purpose you will be charged with the amount for replacing them.

Guest policy: During the residency, the artist in residence can not have guests stay with them in their assigned living space. Artists in residence can not invite people outside of the program access to the house or facilities unless specific written permission is given by Casa Na Ilha.  Pets are not permitted.

Independent guest: During the time in residence in Casa Na Ilha, the artist in residence agrees to be responsible for his or her own actions as they pertain to the local community and state and federal laws and regulations.

Code of conduct: During the residency, the artist in residence agrees to respect the Casa Na Ilha facilities, including all communal areas and shared spaces throughout the complex. The artist in residence is expected to conduct him/herself in an appropriate manner, and respect all others in residence. If the artists in residence behaves in any way threatening, menacing, or disturbing the peace or work of other residents Casa Na Ilha can terminate the contract with no refund immediately. Residents should also address all Casa Na Ilha employees and staff with respect.

While Casa Na Ilha anticipates that all artists in residence will conduct themselves in a mature and generous way, it is the individual artists’ responsibility to immediately report any incident or allegation of harassment, whether verbal, physical, and/or visual, to Casa Na Ilha staff.

Smoking is only allowed in outside areas. No smoking is allowed in rooms or inside spaces. Recreational drug use is forbidden in all Casa Na Ilha premises.

Misbehaving and going against the rules of the house, will give Casa Na ilha the right to terminate contract at any time with no refunds.

Meal Service: Artist in residence will have a small basic breakfast and daily dinners. Artists in residence have the obligation to inform any allergies or restriction they may have, in writing, to Casa Na Ilha. Artists in residence have to wash and clean their own dishes after every meal, as well as any other kitchen instrument they use. All residents need to clean their own dishes after every meal. Snacks and lunch not included. Artists in residence can not take food from the kitchen or fridges that are from Casa Na Ilha supplies.  Artists in residence can buy snacks or any other food they want in local markets and store it in a fridge in the studio especially for them.

Kitchen usage:  Artist in residence are able to use the kitchen facilities as long as they follow the rules. After using the kitchen, all things used, including the burners, food or crumbs fallen in the floor, kitchen tables or counters, dishes, silverware, and similars should be washed, dried and back into storage. Food leftovers in the sink should be removed and put in the trash. If trash is full, should be taken out to the main garbage can outside the kitchen. Damage or misuse of any kitchen supply will be charged accordingly. You need to buy your own supplies for cooking (ie: olive oil, butter and any other ingredients). Artist in residence not following kitchen rules will be forbidden to use it.

Laundry and cleaning: Laundry is not done at the house. There are laundromats in town.  General areas must be kept clean and in tidy, as well as the room.

Respective property of the parties: The creative work and efforts of the artist in residence shall be and remain the property of the artist in residence. The cost of shipping work to the artist in residence’s home or studio is their responsibility at the conclusion of the residency as well as shipping any of the materials, supplies or baggage.

Materials: We do not provide materials or supplies for residents. You should bring all your necessary materials with you or buy them at your expense while in residence.  If you choose to leave materials or supplies behind you should inform us so we can store them accordingly.

Liability: Casa Na Ilha is not responsible for artist in residence’s intentional or negligent conduct, which causes loss or injury to another or themselves, in the residence or on the island.

Insurance: Casa Na Ilha does not carry health insurance, personal injury or theft insurance for its artists in residence and should the artist in residence desire this coverage he/she will need to obtain it personally.    

Equal opportunity: It is the policy of Casa Na Ilha that there shall be no discrimination with respect to selection of the artist in residence because of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, gender, age, physical limitations or military status. During  the residency Casa Na Ilha will not tolerate behavior that demonstrates discrimination to others and endorses all artists in residence to co-live respecting each other, Casa Na Ilha staff and the community on the on the island.