2023 PAST ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE  Experiencies and Reflections


From March 2017, artists have been developing projects in Casa Na Ilha. Here you can find about their experience, reflections and work while their time in residence. We expect from artists to use their time in residence, to deep dive in the creative process. Even though all participants come with a specific proposal, the natural environment, exploring the surroundings of the island, peer interactions, reflections, is usually planting seed in their minds, not only for the work they are doing during their stay, but for future projects.

All participants have found when they leave and afterwards, that they have new material and thoughts, new visions about how their work and about  their work itself. 

We keep in touch with them all, and we are very proud about this ongoing process of work that has no beginning or end. 


Keep checking! 2023 are on going!







Hanne Dahl Geving (b.1991) is a visual artist based in Trondheim, Norway. She has a master's degree in photojournalism from Mid Sweden University, Sweden, and a bachelor's degree in photography from the University of the Creative Arts,England. Geving has worked with different mediums including photography, video, performance, text and sound, where she explores acoustic environments and human response to sound and multisensory experiences. In her art practice, Geving is interested in exploring themes that affect the human mental and physical health, and how art can be used to deal with difficult situations and emotions.

Her work has been shown at various exhibition venues both nationally and internationally, such as, Centum för fotografi (SE), Kystmuseet i Sør-Trøndelag (NO) Truman Brewery (UK), Sundsvall Könstforening (SE), Teaterhuset Avant Garden (NO) and Porsgrunn Kunstforening (NE). Geving has worked with different artists which has resulted in both national and international collaborations and led to the establishment of the artist group HRKCollective.


During her time in residence Hanne worked on editing her new projects and recording sound from the island.





Originating from Yorkshire, England, Sam Rock (b. 1987) is a photographer and film maker primarily based in London.

Rock’s imagery leans on his dedication and investigation of the expansive language of the medium in order to continuously evolve and maintain a fresh development of his work over time. Rock allows for time and intuition to craft photographs that excavate the mundane and nostalgia from the core of society. His work is characterised by a unique colour palate, romanticism and conversation between himself, his subject and their collaborators.

Rock is a regular contributor for magazines such as i-D and M Le Monde but is taking time away from editorial photography to concentrate on personal collections of work that have been evolving over many years. He is currently focused on exploring new approaches to the medium in order to expand attitudes within his output. 

During his time in residence, Sam worked on his writing, edit his upcoming photography book and explored the island and habitants taking new photos








REALITY:  experienced, abstracted and reimagined


I have spent time drawing inspiration from the local Essex landscape and turning the visual cues into a personal abstract, artistic language made of geometric structuring, mark-making and patterning.  My paintings scramble together snippets of this information with other experienced places, both physical and virtual, to present a ‘compilation landscape’. A reconstructed, collaged tableaux of nowhere, but with the perception of being somewhere.  After all, it was Plato who said that beauty lies not in the real world but in geometry. Albeit my work is not calculated but intuitive and expressionistic.


The selection of hues, their location and worked surfaces are decisive factors. Layering paint or exposing the substrate, heighten the patterning and mark-making to produce a colour conversation.


Concerns that feed into my work, although perhaps under the radar include; ‘boundaries’, the physical, territorial and arbitrary lines that denote ownership: and “climate’ the pollution and destruction of our time on this planet and what we leave as our legacy.


During her time in residence, Sally worked experienced painting playing with the natural environment, such as rain, to generate different non controlled effects in her work. The same with photography, taking day to day objects and working with the shades and lights the sunlight will produce, and also with nature objects found in the area with close up visions.


All her work will be edited to become part of a new book. 





Instagram: @sally.burch





Having studied Fine Art at Wimbledon College and a year at Goldsmiths college, I was lucky to be employed by London Weekend Television as a Set Designer. I worked on a huge range of programmes from light entertainment to drama, “Dempsey and Makepeace“ through to “Poirot”. An exciting time in TV production. 
Leaving TV after having children I continued to work in various art forms, pottery through to printing, specialising now in Etching and Monoprint Inspiration has come from trips to Japan, Kimono, Cambodia, foliage and costume. 

Anna spent her time sketching, working on her photography and painting, as well as collecting information for future work.