2023 PAST ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE  Experiencies and Reflections

From March 2017, artists have been developing projects in Casa Na Ilha. Here you can find about their experience, reflections and work while their time in residence. We expect from artists to use their time in residence, to deep dive in the creative process. Even though all participants come with a specific proposal, the natural environment, exploring the surroundings of the island, peer interactions, reflections, is usually planting seed in their minds, not only for the work they are doing during their stay, but for future projects.

All participants have found when they leave and afterwards, that they have new material and thoughts, new visions about how their work and about  their work itself. 

We keep in touch with them all, and we are very proud about this ongoing process of work that has no beginning or end. 









Hanne Dahl Geving (b.1991) is a visual artist based in Trondheim, Norway. She has a master's degree in photojournalism from Mid Sweden University, Sweden, and a bachelor's degree in photography from the University of the Creative Arts,England. Geving has worked with different mediums including photography, video, performance, text and sound, where she explores acoustic environments and human response to sound and multisensory experiences. In her art practice, Geving is interested in exploring themes that affect the human mental and physical health, and how art can be used to deal with difficult situations and emotions.

Her work has been shown at various exhibition venues both nationally and internationally, such as, Centum för fotografi (SE), Kystmuseet i Sør-Trøndelag (NO) Truman Brewery (UK), Sundsvall Könstforening (SE), Teaterhuset Avant Garden (NO) and Porsgrunn Kunstforening (NE). Geving has worked with different artists which has resulted in both national and international collaborations and led to the establishment of the artist group HRKCollective.


During her time in residence Hanne worked on editing her new projects and recording sound from the island.





Originating from Yorkshire, England, Sam Rock (b. 1987) is a photographer and film maker primarily based in London.

Rock’s imagery leans on his dedication and investigation of the expansive language of the medium in order to continuously evolve and maintain a fresh development of his work over time. Rock allows for time and intuition to craft photographs that excavate the mundane and nostalgia from the core of society. His work is characterised by a unique colour palate, romanticism and conversation between himself, his subject and their collaborators.

Rock is a regular contributor for magazines such as i-D and M Le Monde but is taking time away from editorial photography to concentrate on personal collections of work that have been evolving over many years. He is currently focused on exploring new approaches to the medium in order to expand attitudes within his output. 

During his time in residence, Sam worked on his writing, edit his upcoming photography book and explored the island and habitants taking new photos








REALITY:  experienced, abstracted and reimagined


I have spent time drawing inspiration from the local Essex landscape and turning the visual cues into a personal abstract, artistic language made of geometric structuring, mark-making and patterning.  My paintings scramble together snippets of this information with other experienced places, both physical and virtual, to present a ‘compilation landscape’. A reconstructed, collaged tableaux of nowhere, but with the perception of being somewhere.  After all, it was Plato who said that beauty lies not in the real world but in geometry. Albeit my work is not calculated but intuitive and expressionistic.


The selection of hues, their location and worked surfaces are decisive factors. Layering paint or exposing the substrate, heighten the patterning and mark-making to produce a colour conversation.


Concerns that feed into my work, although perhaps under the radar include; ‘boundaries’, the physical, territorial and arbitrary lines that denote ownership: and “climate’ the pollution and destruction of our time on this planet and what we leave as our legacy.


During her time in residence, Sally worked experienced painting playing with the natural environment, such as rain, to generate different non controlled effects in her work. The same with photography, taking day to day objects and working with the shades and lights the sunlight will produce, and also with nature objects found in the area with close up visions.


All her work will be edited to become part of a new book. 





Instagram: @sally.burch





Having studied Fine Art at Wimbledon College and a year at Goldsmiths college, I was lucky to be employed by London Weekend Television as a Set Designer. I worked on a huge range of programmes from light entertainment to drama, “Dempsey and Makepeace“ through to “Poirot”. An exciting time in TV production. 
Leaving TV after having children I continued to work in various art forms, pottery through to printing, specialising now in Etching and Monoprint Inspiration has come from trips to Japan, Kimono, Cambodia, foliage and costume. 

Anna spent her time sketching, working on her photography and painting, as well as collecting information for future work.








Samantha Sponer is an interdisciplinary artist and great advocate of the purple color. Hailing from the magical and mythical city of Las Vegas, of which stands on the rightful land of the Southern Paiute people, the city's influence is clearly evidenced in their work as their frivolous &  flamboyant color palettes often juxtapose the ways in which the content of their work interrogates systemic injustices. Living now on the East coast of the U.S. Samantha currently studies at Tufts University where they are soon to receive a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Bachelors in Civic Studies. They have shown work in several colorful places including the Loyola Marymount University's student art gallery and a handful of Tufts student galleries for photography and printmaking. Samantha hopes to heal the world with art and shall continue working towards a more purple future. 


Mixed media including collage, photography, textiles, painting, scratching, eating, and otherwise living are the artist's main strategies when it comes to creation. The body and our emotions inform the majority of their art practice especially concerning the topics of desirability and fuckability. Discrimination on the basis of body is Samantha’s primary object of art making in the hopes that their work can serve to educate and sway the public to humanize fat bodies. In the near future, they hope to get their masters degree in the fine arts and transform the art world into a fat friendly space. 


During her time in residence, Sammy worked on a series of embroideries, designs on plants and started writing the first of a collection of zines.


Check more of Sammy at @arthambleton








Ines Kaufmann (*1996) lives and works in Vienna. She is currently studying at the Academy of the Fine Arts in the Class extended painting expression of Daniel Richter. Her works thematize representations between figurative compositions and abstract play of colours. A game with the self and the collective body language defines itself playfully and humorously in their work process.

Compositions between collective pictorial sphere and animal abstraction. Body silhouettes look at each other, an encounter between eroticism and mythical origin of the natural. Between dirtiness and pureness, tenderness and dynamic structure, the boundaries of the images lie in the foreign, want to be. Closer to each other, closer to the self. Mythical moments between man, nature and life. The use of intermediate technique is a necessary item the way she works.








Sumner Brock is a painter, multi-media artist, and a graphic designer by trade. He is passionate about the intersection of community and creativity. He lives on a farm in the mountains of Southern Oregon. He has been featured in more than seven shows across Oregon and took part in an art residency outside of Bogotá, Colombia. He plays saxophone and is learning to play the banjo.


During his time in residence, Sumner worked on a big scale painting on canvas.




Jeanette is a Swedish artist, writer, interior decorator and ceramicist living in Stockholm and Bilbao. Her work is based on the serendipity that (might) happen when experimenting with various perspectives in one body; a body of text with levels of interpretation, subjective meanings or parts of words and languages creating something else. Her ceramic bodies often come in combined forms, textures, patterns and colors of clay. The interior decorations are phenomenological images, expressing subjective/objective emotional memories in a body of space.


The artistic flow and creativity is found in urban settings as well as nature environments, often dissected down to the details of ideas and objects that are taken for granted. Words are repeated, rewritten and relaunched by taking on a perspective that seems closer to its sense, the clay pieces often stems from animal- and vegetable characteristics taken into a new context whilst space is filled according to an idea that there is no need to kill any darlings as long as the tokens and nuances play together in their own right.


After media- and communication-, literature-, language- and culture studies, Jeanette was a pressperson for an EU-institution for a decade and has worked with home styling, paper design and with an own home brand. She has lived in various countries and dedicates herself to words, crafts and art with a special focus on playfulness and the meaning of aesthetical experiences in everyday life.


During her time in residence Jeanette worked on a several of texts she had written over the years, editing and creating new ones in order to make them a collection.






I am a multimedia artist and musician from Los Angeles, California. I’m currently in pursuit of a BA in Studio Art at California State University, Long Beach, set to graduate in Fall of 2023. My primary visual mediums include drawing, painting, analogue and digital photography. I am also a singer at heart and pianist. I’ve pursued an arts-centered education since high school, where I attended a visual-performing arts school, and throughout my college career where I’ve studied art and design across three different institutions.

I come from a creative family of multidisciplinary artists and musicians. My father is a musician and visual artist as well, and a professional hairstylist; my mother is a psychologist and

writer. I’ve practiced mixed media and music performance since my formative years, and my ultimate goal is to bring these two worlds together to tell personal stories. As it currently stands,

my artistic practice involves creating highly independent work exploring themes of identity, culture, and notions of family, from my perspective as a mixed-race, female creative in a constant state of introspection.

Besides creating artwork in my free time, I enjoy writing, live music, collecting vintage clothes, and eating food from various cuisines at unique restaurants. I do lots of these activities with friends and family, and with my partner. I have a younger brother who is also an artist in the making; we often spend time together talking about our creative ideas and questions.


The concept of my project is to explore ongoing themes of my work in a new setting far from home. As an artist stepping into her professional career, I am pursuing this residency program in

order to focus on my craft, expand my experience and perspective, and allow all of the naturally


During my stay in residency, I wanted to create work that depicts where I am in life as a daughter, sister, artist, and partner embarking on a new and independent creative experience.





My subject matter—referenced from my observations and intuitive attraction to a certain quality of light and intimacy—ranges from the corners of my domestic space to scenes of natural beauty. I am drawn to capturing the quieter moments of life, which can be easily overlooked. In my paintings where I shifts the gaze towards myself, I question how we view and present ourselves, pointing to the suggestive nature of nonverbal communication as I leave an impression of a casual, yet intimate invitation into my world and the reflections of queer identity. Lately, I’ve been painting a series on wild flowers and the wonderful lessons we can learn from them. I enjoy painting as an act of self-inquiry and meditation and, almost poetically, my titles recently have grown more melancholic as of late, such as: “the flowers, too, sighed with me (but, oh, how they danced for you)”, and “all things grow (with messy parts too)”. 


I used this time at the residency in 2023 to continue this thread of internal dialogues in communion with plants and flowers, while

learning more about the nature within us and around us, even in cities, or by the ocean. I dream of making art that captures the intimacy and personification of flowers.

At Casa Na Ilha, I was already inspired by the beauty of the location, the communion with the water, the island, and the earth. While I used the majority of my time fostering my own project and nurture this artistic series, I was also eager to meet and cross-pollinate ideas and artistic thought with other residents.







Sara Perry-Din is an artist living and working in Mohkinstsis (Calgary, Alberta, Canada). They graduated with a BFA from the Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts) in 2020 with a degree in Jewellery and Metalsmithing. Since then Perry-Din has been focused on consistently making and selling jewelry and other small objects from her studio space. In their making process, Perry-Din observes a curiosity for materials, assemblages, sensations, touch, and intuitive ways of making.

They identify as a formalist, valuing craft processes to experiment with materials and form. They retool to reveal new ways of mark-marking and other sensory experiences. Scissors become vehicles for stones to clang together, shells become headphones, mark-making becomes language, and tools are alphabets. 







Benedetta Giuidi was born im Rome the 03/09/93, she attended the Waldorf school, and the artistic high school of Ripetta in Rome, she continued her art studies at ArtEZ: the Academy of Fine Arts and design in Holland, after four years she goes back to Rome where she continues to paint and cultivates the other big passion for sport and dance, she becomes a sport teacher.
In 2020 she finishes a master in art management with the Sole 24h business school in Rome and start to work at the famous museum Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Modera for one year, at the moment she is a dance instructor and she makes art projects with paintings and performances.  Art and sport have helped her a lot to increase a sense of discipline and constancy.

art is research, it is a path of the soul, an awakening of the spirit, it is the answer to questions which in turn produce new ones. For me, art is like a symphony of senses, talking about art is
 like talking about love.





What if the sun cried? What if you were only 2 inches tall? 


Eva Samuels dives head first into these worlds of the unreal, aiming to spark introspection on the impenetrable truths that connect our wildly different  human experiences. 


Eva is a Brazilian, Jewish-American mixed-media artist born in South Florida bringing whimsy and unrestrained exploration of form to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her creative journey is shaped by themes of childlike wonder guided by classic principles instilled throughout her completion of a BFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Eva's reimagining of the bounds of reality is depicted across 2D and 3D mediums, with materials ranging from bronze to clay to pastels all portraying a careful dance between rawness and refinement.


In addition to experience across various styles of animation, Eva produces rich and layered soundscapes to further draw audiences into the imaginative realms she creates. Through these immersive viewing experiences; she offers an alternative perspective on what’s possible; a sentiment designed to break down the rigidity that underpins how we conduct our daily lives.  


Eva is currently using and expanding her skill set by working in collaboration with other scenic artists. Her personal practice will continue to weave pieces that invite the exploration of life, nature and human experiences, all the while embracing the endless boundaries of imagination. In the future, Eva aims to put together creative spaces for artists around the world to find community, collaborate, and showcase their work


Check more of Eva's work @dewdrop





Peter Musschenga is a Dutch multidisciplinary designer, artist and teacher. This year he celebrates 25 years of his graphic, web and spatial design studio. He often works on many different projects at the same time for various clients in the cultural, non-profit, governmental and commercial fields: from developing brands to designing and building sets or installations. 


In his designs he combines monumentality with attention to detail. Tactility, the influence of light, and perception are important themes in his work. Since a few years he teaches photography students, focusing mainly on artistic development.


Peters spatial work comprises a vast range of set designs, being an early adopter of automated scenery. In recent years the center of gravity has shifted from the theatre stage to public spaces for which he designs multimedia and exhibition installations and light art works. In 2021 his floating mirror installation won the London International Creative Competition. 


On Ilhabela Peter now likes to take some time to reflect on his work an dive into themes he has incorporated sideways in previous work: reflection, perspective shift, slow movement and floatation, by raising awareness and foster contemplation. He will study the different appearances of water(surfaces) on and around the isle as a basis for new (light) art works.