In the following link you will find the Consular Portal of Brazil.  If you have any questions about the restrictions, we encourage you to check with them and your airline as well.


Starting on Wednesday, December the 30th at 00:00 hours, all passengers entering Brazil must:


1.            Present a negative RT-PCR test certificate carried out up to 72 hours

before the flight. Boarding will be denied at the origin airport for those who do not meet this requirement.

•         The COVID-19 test must be a document from a laboratory test

(RT-PCR) for screening for infection by SARS-CoV-2, with a negative/non-reactive result, performed within 72 hours prior to the moment of boarding;

•         The document must be presented in Portuguese, Spanish or English;

•         The test must be carried out in a laboratory recognized by the

health authority of the country of departure;


2. Complete the mandatory online Health Declaration (DSV), this form must be filled by all passengers ( Without the presentation of the email confirmation of the DSV, boarding will be denied at the origin. Passengers with international connections in Brazil must also present the Health Declaration.

International flights from the United Kingdom and North Ireland to Brazil are temporarily forbidden, starting on December 25th.


Effective December 25th, foreigners travelling from the UK are not allowed to enter Brazil. Nationals of Brazil are allowed to enter (travelling from the UK or nationals who have been in the UK in the last 14 days).




In the efforts against the advance of the Covid pandemic, the Island Local government, together with the rest of the Litoral Paulista area, are implementing measures and restrictions with the main objective of becoming a Covid Free area.

Ilhabela’s local government has purchased vaccines to immunize its total population. This process is undergoing and by May 2021 all its inhabitants will have received the doses.


The two access to the litoral paulista area have sanitary barriers were cars and buses are stopped before entering the area and occupants are tested wits fast test that deliver a result in 15 minutes. Only those tested negatives are allowed to continue the journey.

Boarding the ferry boat to the island will only be possible if presented a RT-PCR test certificate carried out up to 48 hours or a certificate of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2. Otherwise, boarding will be denied.



In the island, protocols are in place, agglomerations are forbidden, social distance measures are in place, capacities have been reduced and mask are mandatory when entering a closed place (market, shop)