2023 & 2024 SCHEDULE

Residency periods are three and four weeks based. You can apply for a two, three and four weeks always in between the dates of each session. We are open to extend this period if the project requires it. 

We are also open to individual or group applications.






JUNE June 5 to July 3


JULY July 8 to August 5


AUGUST August 7 to September 4


SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER September 12 to October 10


NOVEMBER/DECEMBER November 20 to December 18



MARCH: February 27 to March 26


MAY: May 3 to May 31


JUNE: June 2 to June 30


JULY: July 3 to July 31


AUGUST: August 3 to August 31


SEPTEMBER: September 10 to October 8


NOVEMBER: November 18 to December 16



Important Notice about weather: 


The island has no dry or rainy season, but it is humid, since is a tropical weather. Rains can happen both in summer time (more strong and short) as well as in winter time (more drizzling showers). Each year it varies. Remember that summer and winter times in south hemisphere are the opposite of the north hemisphere.

The temperature never falls under 15 C/60 F, which would be the lowest in a winter night. It is warm all year long, but of course it is warmer on summer, late December, January and February being the hottest. The studio has a very cool flow of air and has ceiling fan and black out curtains to keep in cool, as well as the rooms, but note that we do not have AC in our facilities.  

The rest of the year, the weather is still nice warm and pleasant as to be outside, do trails and go the beach but you will need a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt for the sunset and night.


Also, during summer times, the island is more crowed with visitors, although our privileged location remains in peace and tranquility, the town and beaches are more crowed. From March to November, the flow of visitors is lower, being the least in May, June, July and August.